"I was thoroughly absorbed in the story of your experiences and found myself worrying for your safety and wondering about your fate….I can only imagine what a terrifying experience it must have been for you -- both as a fighting soldier and as a POW.
        What I find remarkable is that it seems that you were able to maintain your good spirits and sense of humor during your ordeal and come out with them still intact.
        What comes through in your writing is that you seem to have harbored a relatively positive attitude and a good deal of hope, rather than becoming consumed by bitterness or despair, as some might have done.
        And I suspect that your ability to cope with your situation and keep focused on the future (and Irene!) helped you get through those difficult days.
        Your realistic description of your experiences conveys an authenticity that is often lacking in the books and news articles I've read in the past about that period of time.
        I feel grateful that you and so many others like you were able to endure such hardship to play a part in the defeat of Hitler and his supporters...I deeply appreciate and admire your bravery and courage in serving your country when it was so desperately needed."

                                        Joanne Reider
                                        Philadelphia, PA
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