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Robert and Irene Jackson

    Bob and Irene had their first date January 19, 1941. When her mother answered the door, Bob said, "I'm Bob Jackson, I'm here for my date with your sister, Irene." Clara (Irene's Mom) and Bob always got along very well.
    Irene and Bob were engaged shortly before he was shipped overseas. After he was liberated and returned to the U.S. he had planned to arrive home unannounced to surprise everyone, especially his fiancée. When he arrived at her rooming house in Syracuse, NY at 5:30 AM, the surprise was on him! However, they were married fourteen days later.
    Irene has worked as a Secretary, Library Assistant, Director of the NYS Coalition for Chriminal Justice and homemaker. Bob was a teacher and administrator full time for 30 years and continued in other part-time educational positions for a total of 54 years.  
    They have two grown sons. One lives in western New York with his wife and daughter (who got Bob started writing this story) and the other lives in southern California.
    Bob has been a freelance photographer for many years. Irene with her video and Bob with his 35mm cameras have been on three photo Safaries to Africa, the Galapagos Islands, Venezuela, Alaska, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, several European countries, and many sections of the United States. They have a home studio and small Pro Nature Photography business where they reside in New York's Capital District.
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