"This is my story of survival and per-
severance as a
    Bob Jackson was born and raised on a farm in central New York during the depression. He attended a one-room country elementary school until the age of twelve, when his father passed away and the family moved to Ithaca.
    Approximately three years later his mother remarried and the family moved to Morrisville. There, Bob met Irene, his high school sweet- heart. In 1943, he graduated from high school. Shortly after, his mother passed away. Months later, Bob enlisted, joining fellow GIs to fight World War II. The bright moment that year was his engagement to Irene before shipping overseas and joining the 34th Division.
POW in Stalag VII-A in Moosburg, Germany. It is taken directly from the wartime log that I kept during those trying times."
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Fourth Edition
Commemorating the 60th Anniversary
of our liberation from
Stalag VII-A on April 29, 1945

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